Bespoke pergola design and build

Why not transform your garden living space with one of our bespoke Pergola designs?. They make a fantastic addition to your existing outdoor living space and are a stylish addition to any garden. We offer two types of pergola designs – a freestanding Pergola in an area of your choice or you can choose to have it built onto the back or side of your house. All of our pergolas can be fitted with or without a roof. We provide two types of roofs for your pergola. The first is a polycarbonate twin wall, 10ml or 16ml roof. The second option is to fit corrugated ClearLight roof sheets. We use only the highest quality materials and all our timber comes pressure treated and PAO (planed all over). All of our pergola designs are also offered with lighting and illumination options at an additional charge.

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Please find some of our recent pergola design and builds below. All of our pergola designs are fully bespoke and can be tailor made to suit your own particular garden layout.

pergola design and build dublin4
pergola design and build dublin5
pergola design and build dublin6
pergola design and build for hottub dublin1
Pergola with sloped roof
Pergola with sloped roof2
Pergola with sloped roof3
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